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 We are the Surrey Dance Fitness team, constantly pushing to learn and share new dance fitness routines and workouts.

We bring unbounding energy and passion to our work every day, helping each other to unlock great fun in our dance classes.



Kate Shaw Kate Shaw – Proprietor 

I attended my First Zumba class in 2008,  it was so new, with only classes in Guildford back then. I was encouraged to become an instructor and delighted to have the opportunity to share the Zumba love that I was enjoying so much. I qualified in Nov 2008 and never looked back. I now have all the relevant industry qualifications to teach several different dance fitness programmes to a wide range of adults and kids.  I am always training in the latest brands to keep the classes fresh and I love running events to share the latest classes that are out there.

Every class is different, as people react in so many ways, to the music, moves and how they feel on the day.  I can’t believe the amount of amazing people that have danced with me over the years that have now gone on to completely change their lives.  Life can be so challenging but when you run community classes and see the difference it makes, it is so motivational.

I love my food and wine but with cutting back midweek and the right amount of exercise, you can lead a good balanced life and have more energy for friends and family.

Antonia Bradley Antonia Bradley – Zumba Instructor

In 2010 I attended my first Zumba class taught by Kate. I was overweight and unfit having done minimal exercise for 10 years after the birth of my two children. I cried seeing myself in the mirror at class but there were others just like me there having great fun and I left uplifted.

Soon I was hooked, so in 2011 trained to become an Instructor and launched weekly classes in Farnham.  And having since completed all the further Zumba training and Clubbercise, I am about to train in Veraflow.

 Janeen Janeen – Clubbercise & Bounce

I teach FitSteps and Clubbercise with Surrey Dance Fitness. I first started going to FitSteps in spring 2015 with Kate and loved every minute of it. I’m enjoying the fact that I can get fit and learn all the magical steps of Ballroom and Latin dance!  I just had/ have so much fun, losing myself in the music! I fell in love with Clubbercise last year too. I had the biggest grin on my face from the moment the class started until the moment it ended. Kate and Ant’s enthusiasm, energy and laughter was so captivating, you just couldn’t help but smile, laugh, sing and whoop!

In December 2015 I decided to train in Clubbercise and FitSteps. My dancing classes as a young adult also helped, and I have been teaching with Kate ever since. It’s been a blast: I love seeing everyone having such a good time, smiling faces and singing while getting a workout.

Now I am planning to teach more classes with Surrey Dance Fitness which will involve further training in the future in other brands to develop my career. I have an Anatomy and Physiology diploma and I am completing my Exercise to Music™ qualification.

I came to this decision not only to spread the love of dance but because I believe that dance fitness is for everyone!  What’s are you waiting for? ‘Let’s Dance!’

Nicky Chalcraft Nicki Chalcraft – Zumba Instructor

I attended  Zumba classes in 2010, and from the very 1st class I was hooked!  I loved it, the energy the music. I became a Zumba Instructor in 2011.

I don’t just enjoy dancing, sweating and having fun with you all, the rewards of watching the class get fitter, happier & healthier are just amazing! Inspiring!  To top it all off, I have made great new friends! What more could you want. I cover for Kate and Ant and I have my own classes in Elstead.

 Tina Dicker

I’ve been an instructor since 2011, teaching all aspects of Zumba and Fitsteps. I then discovered Jungle Body in 2014 and became their ambassador this year.

Dance Fitness classes are addictive, as people love focusing on fun fitness, gives people “me time” forgetting the stresses of daily life and a true escapism!

Seeing my participants body’s change shape, become stronger, fitter and healthier as a result of doing the routines is so rewarding and of course leaving the classes with huge smiles.

I love covering Zumba, Fitsteps and VeraFLow for Surrey Dance Fitness and presenting The Jungle Body at their events. I also run my own dance fitness classes in Witley near Godalming.