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Zumba is ‘Exercise in Disguise’. Participants are having so much fun, they don’t realise they’re exercising. It’s fun! 

It’s different! The music, the steps, the moves, the class, the feel… all like no other!

It’s easy! Zumba is designed for everyone – any fitness level, any background, or any age can start to Zumba

It’s effective! Zumba is a cardio-based workout with components of resistance/sculpting training to tone the entire body 


Who can do Strong by Zumba? 

One of the great things about Zumba is that there’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to know how to dance. Anyone can do it, whether you’re young, old, or in-between. Everybody has their own style and works at their own fitness level. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get all the steps right, they will come. What’s important is having fun, while getting fit, in a welcoming, encouraging, high energy environment! 

What should I wear? 

You can wear any type of fitness clothes – think comfortable and cool. As for shoes, dance fitness trainers with spin spots are the best, however just starting out make sure you come in trainers that give you good support. Nike also offer some good dance trainers with spin spots and there’s also Zumbawear clothing, designed specifically for Zumba classes – check it out at 

Also remember the importance of attending every session with plenty of bottled water and “a towel, as you will sweat!” 

What is STRONG by Zumba?

STRONG by Zumba combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the science of synced music motivation. In every class, music music and moves sync perfectly to push you beyond your limits.  If you’re feeling strong then come and give it a go.

Download and send back our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ waiver form) before starting any dance fitness activity.